Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch Your Back.

We had a close call today.

As you know, we finally got our garden put in this past week. The garden backs up to part of our fence, with wild blackberries on the other side. Those things grow like crazy - they will find each and every spot between the slats in the fence.

Since we moved in, we have cut them back and pushed them pack through the fence, but they always grow back. Today, we decided it was finally time to tackle these bushes from the other side of the fence. What can a few bushes do to us?

We live in a subdivision where all of the houses have wooden fences, and no way to the back. In order to go out there, we have to go down 9 houses and go behind their fence. This was our plan of attack.

We went down the street with loppers in hand to defeat our enemy. One step behind the neighbor's fence and there were second thoughts. It was overgrown, full of pricker bushes, and we were suddenly certain it was full of snakes. Just about the time, we were trying to make up our minds we heard a voice.

The owners were there and asking, "What do you think you are doing out there?"

What could we say but, "We were trying to get to the back of our fence and cut out the thorn bushes." Then they immediately understood and said they had the same problem. Our hearts were beating fast - they had definitely scared us, but luckily no shotgun was involved.

It turns out some four wheeling people had been cutting down the wire fences at the side of the dead end on the side of our neighbor's yard in order to get their four wheelers through, and the neighbors thought that we were up to mischief. Us? Mischief? Never (at least not today - or at least not at that moment)

Instead of trying to get back there, we decided to take another route - but not today. Our neighbors told us a little more about the neighborhood. It turns out the back 20 acres behind the fence is owned in estate by some brothers and sisters who do not want to sell. It was nice to meet some new people and as it turns out have a very nice garden in their backyard.

About those thorn bushes - we will tackle them another time.

Happy Farming!

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