Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Things First

Here it goes.

Welcome to our blog.

One of our goals in life is to have a farm and garden, but at the current time we are "trapped" in suburbia. In order to escape this madness, we have decided to set up a garden and a bee hive in our yard. This is not our first garden, but certainly our first hive. We our truly a Farmer Want to Be, and with bees. Farmerwannabee - get it?

In order to keep you updated, we hope to blog often about our garden, our bees, and our life in general.

So, we finally got the garden planted today. We have been industrious lately. We tilled our whole yard in order to reseed the lawn, and it set us back a little bit in our garden plans - and we may have started everything a bit late.

Our dog has a tendency to eat any growing things, so we had to set up a fence. We used 4 ft. welded wire and T-posts. It actually went along a lot faster than we thought. We were having difficulties with the air stapler, and we were about to switch to an old electric staple gun - luckily we double checked the psi on the compressor and that fixed the problem.

We started peppers (bell, jalapeno, banana), tomatoes (better boy,roma), squash (summer & zucchini), watermelon, and cucumbers inside a few weeks ago - we planted those to start.

Along with that, we planted peas and green beans (pole & bush) from seed, as well as a few plants from a local greenhouse: lemon boy (yellow tomatoes), habaneros, cherry peppers, & cherry tomatoes.

We watered them in and now it is wait and see time.

I will post more about our bees and getting them installed in the hive later.

Happy Farming!

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