Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Checkup

We got another chance to check on the bees today.

They were doing great. There was comb built up on 4 frames, and we saw eggs. The eggs normally have a life cycle of about three weeks to become worker bees. Did you know workers bees are all female? The males really are only there for reproductive purposes - the rest of the time they sponge off the female's work. If only....

They finished off 3/4 off the sugar water - not sure if we need more or not, but we put in another gallon.

The queen was active, and we know she is laying eggs. Hopefully we will see the brood cells capped soon. There also appeared to be a lot of cells of honey - none capped yet.

These bees are so amazing - if you've ever thought about having a hive we certainly recommend you to take the plunge. Just watching them come and go from the hive is great entertainment, but opening the hive and seeing what is going on in there is a whole new level of excitement.

Happy Farming!

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