Saturday, May 9, 2009

This could be trouble...

We may have a problem with our bees. There seemed to be something strange going on. We hope it is ok, we put this post on a beekeeping forum:

"Yesterday I noticed them clustering around the entrance. It seemed that they were all around each other. Today, they were all over the front of the hive and bottom board. It seemed as if 6-8 bees were all clustered around another bee trying to chase them off. They seemed to be attacking and actually fighting - trying to tear wings and being mean. I'm a little worried - yesterday I did changed the entrance reducer to the lowest setting. Also, I was told by another beekeeper to go out tonight after dark and put entrance reducer all the way closed, but there were still about 50 bees outside. They weren't flying and they weren't attacking, but they were a bunch out there just milling around. FYI...I did open up the hive Thursday night to inspect the queen - she was laying eggs; the hive was open 5-10 minutes.Any ideas? Should I just let time take its course?"

We have spent a part of day trying to find an answer as well as looking online. We don't know, but we are hoping they will just fight them off. We will check tomorrow and let you know. We will try to get a pic.
Happy Farming!

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