Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everybody's Doing It

Driving along today, we couldn't help but notice all of the gardens. Some were larger than our entire lot and some were just a small row in someone's yard, but they were all gardens.

We got married while still in college. Our wedding was in the late summer, and we were back in classes that fall. We moved into on campus housing. No land and no pets (that's another story - we may have had some). The next spring we were determined to have a garden. Our first "garden" wasn't even in the ground. It was in homemade wooden boxes.

We started them early with a couple of tomato plants, pepper plants, and a couple of other things under some lights inside. When the weather warmed up we moved them out onto the porch - luckily we were on the end and had a good portion of balcony; unfortunately, as memory serves, everything we started died.

A quick trip to the nursery got us a couple of tomato plants which did bear quite well. There were a couple of regular tomatoes and a couple of cherry types. Thus, our first garden.

Through the years we have tried several different gardens - in those same boxes and in the ground, but one truth remains constant. If you want a garden, there is nothing stopping you. You don't need a big lot, a big field, or even a yard. You can have at least a container garden anywhere. Look around - everyone's doing it.

Do you remember your first garden as a "couple"? Leave a comment and share with us your garden memories.

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Happy Farming.

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